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Scrutiny of Academic Performance of Students using Eigenvalue and Eigenvectors: A case study

Muhammad Afzal Sahito, Feroz Shah, Asif Ali Shaikh


In this paper we are significantly concerned with the students’ academic performance. Although, this is significantly considered the important of academics with mathematically and principal component analysis(PCA). The eigenvalue problems arise in a variety of science and engineering applications and in the past two decades many developments have been done by numerical methods. The study of students’ academic performance of different subjects and derive results for the ordered eigenvalues and corresponding eigenvectors. The main results are showing that solutions of the students marks that can be expressed two batches and four semesters, as functions of eigenvalue and eigenvectors of the covariance matrix. Moreover, under an assumption for the eigenvalue of covariance matrix of the different subject’s marks and positive solutions are characterized by eigenvalues and eigenvectors.

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