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Trapezoidal Second Order ConvergenceMethodfor Solving Nonlinear Problems

Umair Khalid Qureshi, Zubair Ahmed Kalhoro, Asif Ali Shaikh, Abdul Rehman Nangraj


This study has been discussed a trapezoidal iterated method for estimating a single root of nonlinear problems, which arises in many scientific and engineering fields. The proposed iterative method has second order of convergence, and derived from trapezoidal rule. Several numerical examples to illustrate the efficiency of proposed method by Comparison with the famous second order convergence Newton Raphson Method. C++ and EXCELL are used to analyze the results and graphical representations of proposed method. Henceforth, it has been observed from the outcomes and assessment of trapezoidal iterative method with the Newton Raphson Method that the trapezoidal second order method is performance healthier than existing method.

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