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Modified Linear Convergence Mean Methods for Solving Non-Linear Equations

Umair Khalid Qureshi, Zubair Ahmed Kalhoro, Ghulam Yaseen Bhutto, R B Khokar, Zohaib Ali Qureshi


In this paper, we have suggested a Modified Mean Methods for solving non-linear equations. Proposed Methods have linear order of convergence. The proposed Modified Mean Methods are used to solve all possible roots of non-linear functions in simpler and easier way. The proposed Methods are working tremendous as compare to Bisection method based on iterations and accuracy. To examine the fallouts of few problems, which are related by the non-linear functions to observe the efficiency of develop Modified Mean Methods. C++ and EXCEL have been used for obtaining results and graphical representations to justify the proposed methods. Throughout the study, it has been observed that the developed Modified Mean Algorithms are better techniques for estimating a root of non-linear equations. 

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