Estimation of Absolute Speed of Vehicle with the Simplified Inverse Model

Sehar Zamir, Sumbul Zehra Naqvi, Syeda Hira Fatima


Presently the calculations of complete speed of railway vehicles are very useful for the people in Pakistan. This is obtained by observing the stimulated time shift for the arbitrary track between two wheel sets of a bogie. The model developed in this research work is aimed to collect specific characteristics of the movements at the wheel sets via two inertial sensors seated onto a bogie. An input in the system is provided by means of the rough surface of track that produces bounce in both wheels that is identical except in the delay of time. This delay of time is detected by the space between the two wheels. The cross-correlation calculation technique has been used to determine the delay in time between the movements from one to another. The calculating method is achieved by extraction, which is based on a discursive model of vehicle

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