Agricultural Environmental Monitoring: A WSN Perspective

Mushtaque Ahmed Rahu, Pardeep Kumar, Sarand Karim, Azeem Ayaz Mirani


In this article, we develop a system based on WSN platform to measure the data of crop parameters for the agriculturists aimed to enhance the quality and quality of the crops. The proposed system will minimize the exhaustive field visits of the farmers. This system will facilitate the precision agriculture by measuring three most key parameters (temperature, humidity and light) of the crops. The proposed system consists of IRIS motes MDA100CB data board, and MIB520 USB interface board. These are considered as sink and sensor nodes respectively. TinyOS is used to develop the code for WSN nodes, and GUI device is composed in Microsoft Visual Studio-2008 for displaying the measured data and stored in data base accordingly. ZigBee IEEE 802.15.4 and direct topology are utilized for the correspondence of sensor nodes with the base station.

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