Security of Provider sides in Data Privacy and Data Accessibility Issues in Cloud computing

Taimoor Ahmad, Hala Aslam, Shahzeb Shahzad


Cloud Computing is the approach to share resources under one or more than one leading authority using multiple development and deployment models i.e. resources of computational power and storage. Basically cloud is business model and it has grown up in business and other industries. In spite of its power, it raises numerous security threats including loss of customer important data, data leakage, duplicating, resource pooling and so on. As far as security threats are concerned, a very wide research has been conducted which shows threats with service and deployment models of cloud. In order to realize these threats, this study is presented so as to effectively refine the basic security issues under various areas of cloud. This study present data security threat under the cloud models and their  solutions is to involve third party cloud provider in which client send their data that is being encrypted, send then send to service cloud provider and secure third party and storage provider servers. This purposed work is to save the cloud server providers from un-authorize access.

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Taimoor Ahmad,Hala Aslam and Shahzeb Shahzad, “Data privacy and Data Accessibilty issues in Cloud Enviornment


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