Smart Land Record Application Using Web GIS and GPS

Zameer Ahmed Maree, Muhammad Amir Rizwan


Land plays an important role in the different administrative domain of a country like residential systems, environmental advancement, agricultural benefits, wealth generation and natural recourses as country population is increasing, needs of a proper record management is mandatory. Increase rate of industrial areas, cultivation and mortgage ability demands a systematic way to handle the land record. In this system we will use GPS and GIS technologies to full fill this need. This technology will help in preserving land records with maximum accuracy, portability and accessibility. This system will also provide resolution of a boundary disputes without effecting the physical location of land. Disputes regarding illegal land grabbing, taxation and owner ship can also resolve easily using this system. It might be realized that there are some troubles facing the decision makers regarding utilizing & managing the available data in some of the public sectors organizations in the Pakistan, in addition to what the local residents in the Pakistan are facing in identifying their land properties' borders, land owner ship and taxation history.

   Keyword— GIS; GPS Technology; Database; Land Record

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