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Volume 1, Issue 1, October 2017


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Exploring Industrial Demand Trends in Pakistan Software Industry Using Online Job Portal Data


Muhammad Bilal1, Nadia Malik2, Maham Khalid1, M. Ikramullah Lali3


1Department of Computer Science & IT, University of Sargodha, Sargodha, Pakistan

2Department of Management Sciences, COMSATS Institute of Information and Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan

3Department of Software Engineering, University of Gujrat, Gujrat, Pakistan

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]



Abstract: With the increasing number of internet users, many organizations prefer jobs advertisement via online job portals. Using online job portals data for forecasting industrial demand and trends is becoming popular. Software Industry plays a vital role in economy of developing countries like Pakistan. In this article Pakistan software industry is explored to draw statistical conclusions related to industrial demand for specific job roles, programming languages, gender, age and qualification etc. by data analysis of jobs advertisement. This is done by extracting and analyzing jobs advertised on Pakistan most popular job portal Rozee.pk. The results give an overview of current demand in Pakistan software industry, and are beneficial to student counseling organizations, job applicants, researchers, professionals working in software industry and Government in planning and decision making.



Keywords: Job Portals; Online data; Industrial Demand; Software Industry;



                                                                                                                                                     I.          Introduction

The living style of people along with functioning of the organizations has been revolutionized during the last few decades. Internet evolves according to the global changes and challenges [1]. Now people rely on internet for all kinds of information, news, event etc. The working of many companies offering a variety of online services depends on Internet [2]. The number of individuals using internet is becoming almost equal to total population of the world [3]. Internet facilitates applicants for find jobs and application processing via online job portals. Online job portals are a collection of vacancies from multiple companies and profiles of various applicants. It serves as an effective medium for posting and searching job, applying against various posts advertised and selection of applicants in this electronic era [4].

In US the jobs posted online sees more activity then those printed in newspapers [5]. As a number of search methods are being used job seekers, therefore employers often use various job posting and hiring approaches [6]. Everyone in three of the job applicants reported using the Internet regularly in Glasgow [7]. There exists a positive relationship between job quality parameters and variety of job search methods on internet [8].

The revolution of technologies specifically internet has resulted into immense impact on information management and dissemination. The use of online job portals to facilitate services of knowledge management system is the topic under consideration of researchers. Educational institutions focused on web development led to the development of online job portals, which provides more elaborated and refined information to job applicants. This had produced an amplified urge in the applicants to pursue qualifications and skills demanded by industry [9-11]. Online job portals are adopted by large number of individuals for matching skills required by job [12]. Due to the emergence of online job portals the ways for searching jobs have been revolutionized. Many aspects of job search have been transformed due to the availability of online job portals [13].

The utilization of internet for online job searching has been increased. It is highly predictable that use of internet data for analysis and forecasting will grow. The online job portals are among the tools preferred for job matching. Using online data also leads to new prospects of collecting, processing and analyzing online data to capture the hidden facts and trends related to labor market demand with respect to required skills, working environments etc. [14].

There has been a rapid development in the field of Information Technology in Pakistan. Fast changing trends, skills & technologies in current challenging, competitive and globalized organizations has influenced the job trends and working environments throughout the World [1]. The basic problem faced by the Pakistan Software Industry and by the numerous industries is production of graduates with outdated skills. Therefore, there exists a vital need to groom and train fresh graduates according to demands of the market [15, 16]. Career portals are major source for collecting data online to forecast the demands of the rapidly changing IT industry [17]. It can be done by either performing data analysis, sentiment analysis [2], data collection and specification of data by data cleaning and processing, empirical analysis [18] or data mining [16] etc.

There is no proper medium for posting job openings in Pakistan particularly software industry. Only a number of job opening are advertised using printed media, social media groups and official websites. As the number of job opening posted on these platforms is not sufficient by which one can analysis industrial trends in Pakistan software industry. Due to this lack of data availability the facts and stats are still hidden for Pakistan software industry. As no research for Pakistan software industry is conducted to reveal these facts due to non-availability of data. This research tried to revel industrial demand statistics for Pakistan software industry by utilizing jobs data available on one of Pakistan most frequently used online job portal by employers and applicants. Rozee.pk is a centralized online job portal in Pakistan that has a huge number of registered software organizations which posted a number job opening on daily basis. The analysis of extracted data from online job portals discloses the facts and figures for jobs related to software industry in Pakistan.



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