Saima Akhtar, Dr. Misbah Bibi Qureshi, Syed Faisal Hyder Shah


A woman has always been an instrument for the other gender in all kinds of social affairs. Earlier, her consent was completely missing declaring ‘her’ powerless in front of ‘him’. The reason was her lack of awareness and exposure to the outer world that kept her behind the scenes and, even after contributing more than what she could, she had been subjected to the multiplicity of psychological and physical abuses. Unless she belonged to some elite family, she was the last thing in the world to care about. This write up sheds light on how gender discrimination has evolved over time especially in the business milieu, women transforming from less valued domestic species to vital faction well-equipped with a strategic mind-set to fit in any level of organisation from clerical to the top executive positions and capable enough to compete with the opposite gender. Highlighting certain stereotypes, misconceptions and prejudices about women, it is also discussed that how today’s women can and do cope with these accusations acknowledging their powers and uniqueness. As a help from formal platforms to address gender baseness, some examples of discrimination related acts and laws in various countries are also mentioned here.

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