Dr. Zahid Ali Channar, Saba Shaikh, Dr. Pervez Ahmed Pathan, Dr. Shahabuddin Mughal


To survive and succeed in the competent world in today’s increasingly hostile and fast-moving business environment, organizations have to manage time efficiently. Employee motivation and satisfaction are the prime aspects of all the organizations nowadays. Proper management of time plays a vital role in motivating the employees and thus improving the performance of the organization. The innovation based organization with the effective use of time management lead towards business growth, enhanced organizational performance and helps in increasing employee’s comfort level. This research study is intended to assess the level of time management in public and private sector organizations and then to find the impact of time management on employee satisfaction and the overall performance of the organization. Close ended questionnaires were administered from 260 male and female faculty members and students of public and private universities of Hyderabad and Jamshoro districts. Data was analyzed through independent sample T-test and correlation. The results of the test indicated that employees of both type of organizations act on time management almost equally. The result also indicated that females are more time conscious as compared to males. The result also showed that time management increases employee satisfaction and motivation and also increases the performance of the organization.

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