Dr. Zahid Ali Channar, Dr. Musarat Nazir, Dr. Parveen Shah, Dr. Shahabuddin Mughal


This study has assessed the level of employee voice in public & private sector organizations and the impact of employee voice on organizational performance. Close ended questionnaire was administered from 400 samples (200 from public organizations, in which half for faculty members and half for students and 200 from private organizations, in which half for faculty members and half for students). Public and private educational institutes of Hyderabad and Jamshoro districts were selected for this study. Through the questionnaire employee voice, employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction were measured. Data was analyzed through SPSS 16.0 and the statistical techniques used to analyze the data include correlations and non-parametric tests i.e. two independent samples t-test and two-way ANOVA. Findings of research showed that employee voice was more in public sector organizations than private sector organization. It was observed that the impact of qualification was different for public and private organizations on employee voice. And the important finding of this study showed that employee voice increases organizational performance. This study has implication for the management and the customers of both categories of the educational institutes.

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