Challenges for Women Entrepreneurs in Pakistan: An Empirical Approach

Dr. Bahadur Ali Soomro, Dr. Sadia Anwar, Aftab Hussain Rajar


In the present era, entrepreneurship is regarded as a significant driver of economic development by enhancing the core economic dynamics such as innovation, productivity as well as employment creation. In such a phenomenon, women are recognized as successful entrepreneurs through their strong desire, qualities and capabilities for the robust development of entrepreneurship. Due to such an important contribution of women in entrepreneurship, we propose to investigate the major challenges that faced by women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. On the basis of such purpose, we developed a conceptual framework in which such challenges are connected through various independent variables. A survey questionnaire is a design to get such the objective. We distributed 500 surveys among women entrepreneurs who have owned a small business or her own venture. A sample random technique and stratified sampling are allied for getting the responses. In the initial stage, we collected 246 samples as rough data with a response rate of 49.2%. After data cleaning and screening, 236 valid cases have been applied for final analysis. By applying SPSS and AMOS version 25.0, we found that the factors such as lack of management experience, lack of access to technology and finance, lack of government support, lack of access to networking opportunities, lack of gaining acceptance, un-access to land and inadequate access to training are the major challenges for women entrepreneurs in order to run their micro business easy and smoothly. The outcomes of the present study may be supportive for policymakers, planners and economic agents to handle the major challenges of women entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Furthermore, by pursuing the outcomes of the study, the government of Pakistan may strengthen the women entrepreneurs by providing suitable training programs about entrepreneurship, micro-credits in easy terms and conditions/ instalment, and a pro-business and entrepreneurial environment where women can earn for breaking the trap of poverty, unemployment as well prosperity in future.

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