The Looming Extinction of Sindhi Language in the Urban Context and Role of A Sindhi Mother

Dr. Farida Panhwar, Samia Tufail Lone, Dr. Aazadi Fateh Muhammad


The study focuses on Sindhi speaking mothers’ attitudes towards their mother tongue (Sindhi) and the target languages Urdu and English in an urban multilingual setting in Karachi. Applying the qualitative methodology and using interpretive approach the open-ended questions are asked and interviews are recorded from the five educated mothers living in Karachi. The help is taken from different existing social and psychological theories to investigate some of the relevant important issues that need to be considered in such a context. The study focuses on critical evaluation of prestige and ideology connotations associated with Sindhi, Urdu and English in Karachi. The findings show that urban setting creates cognitive slaveries in the minds of the Sindhi mothers and in turn affects their language choices for their children.

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