Social Media And Women: A Gratification Analysis

Dr. Saqib Riaz, Iffat Ali Aksar, Saadia Anwar Pasha


Various investigations have explored the uses and impacts of new media technology. Particularly after the introduction of internet, the global village has undergone multiple changes. Initially the researchers conducted studies to find out the uses of internet but gradually the scholars shifted their interest in the domain of Social Networking Sites (SNS). This trend is still in progress and the researchers are deeply concerned with the uses of SNS among youth.
This study also intends to find out the uses of SNS (Facebook is selected for this current exploration) among women. Facebook is usually considered as an interactive, time wasting and communicative activity for youth. With male, the female use of Facebook is visibly growing rapidly in Pakistan. In Pakistan where combined gathering of different genders is not appreciated, in this situation SNS have removed their barriers.
The specific objective of this study is to measure the time spent on Facebook, mostly the activities in which they are involved and needs which they gratify through the use of Facebook. Students of Fatima Jinnah Women University and International Islamic University (Female Campus) were participants of the study. Like previous investigations, the present study found out that women use Facebook for interaction, communication, pastime, socialization, visual sharing and escapism. One growing factor ie for the development of romantic relations and searching and contacting unknown people is also considerably important according to Pakistani culture.
In short, the findings of the present study are consistent with the Uses and Gratification investigations that women in Pakistan also use Facebook to gratify their social integrative needs mostly.

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