The Shield - Research Journal of Physical Education & Sports Science.

The HEC recognized Research Journal on Physical Education & Sports Science entitled The Shield is published annually by the Centre for Physical Education, Health & Sports Science, functioning in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan. The major objective of bringing out this journal is to provide a forum for the scholars engaged in the study of Physical Education, Health & Sports Science, and the scholars of other faculties will be considered if relate their subject matter with this important discipline.

*All statements of fact and opinions expressed in this journal are the sole responsibility of the authors, and do not imply any endorsement on part or whole in any form or shape whatsoever by the editors or publisher.

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Dr. Soniha Aslam
Prof. Darlene A. Kluka, Ph.D

Vol 13 (2018): The Shield

Table of Contents


Muhammad Rafique Daudpoto, Muhammad Ismail Wassan, Dr. Muhammad Akram Ansari
Muhammad Badar Habib, Dr. Abdul Waheed Mughal, Dr. Muhammad Zia Ul Haq
Dr. Soniha Aslam, Dr. Shahzaman Khan, Dr. Yasmeen Iqbal
Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Butt, Muhammad Abdul Jabar Adnan, Misbah Hina
Basharat Hussain, Muhammad Tahir Khalily, Aziz Ur Rehman, Mujeeb Masud, Kehkashan Arouj
Taslim Arif, Dr. Salahuddin Khan, Sadia Shaikh
Dr. Musarat Amin, Dr. Rizwan Naseer, Dr. Ameer Ali Abro
Muhabat Khan, Ghulam Ali