Perception Regarding Sports Participation of Females of Gilgit Baltistan

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Butt, Muhammad Abdul Jabar Adnan, Misbah Hina


The primary objective of this study was to examine the perception toward sports participation of female of Gilgit Baltistan there research found that there is a lot potential for sports in this region of Pakistan so it was investigated that how much the female students of Gilgit Baltistan enthusiastic for participation in sports in their home land. For this purpose, quantitative study based on survey research method was done in which sample comprised of 200 students from Gilgit Baltistan. Data were collected through survey method using questionnaire having 20 close ended questions measured on five-point Likert type scale. Overall results showed that majority of the students have positive perception toward sports participation and feels that sports has a positive impact in their life. It is suggested that this research should be done on larger population to authenticate it and in light of that, there should be encouragement of females of Gilgit Baltistan for sports participation and proper facility should also be provided to them to expedite their progress in sports.

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