Effects of Stretching Exercises on Horizontal Jumps of University Athletes

Muhammad Badar Habib, Dr. Abdul Waheed Mughal, Dr. Muhammad Zia Ul Haq


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of stretching exercises on University athletes’ performance in horizontal jump. The major objectives of the study were (a) to explore the impact of dynamic stretching exercises on horizontal jump of athletes; (b) to compare the effects of static stretching and dynamics stretching on horizontal jumping ability. The nature of the study was experimental and test used to gather information. A sample of ninety (90) students from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur were draw which was divided randomly into three groups (a) Control (b) static stretching (c) dynamic stretching. Before the training of all subjects pre-test were given standing Broad Jump and seven step jump. They Control group followed their daily routine life as usual, rest of two groups one as engaged in static stretching and other was in dynamic stretching. The duration of training for both groups was 8 weeks (forty days) in which subjects participated five (5) days a week consecutively for 45 minutes per session as per planned fixture. After training of all three groups were subjected to post-test. On the base of results it can be concluded that there is a strong statistical difference in performance of control group and static stretching group. Similarly there was a statistically strong difference of performance among experimental group and control group. Data further identified that there is significant variation between the results of static stretching group and dynamic stretching group. It can also be said that the component of dynamic stretching has more positive and significant effect on performance than static stretching. It is recommended that gradually. Dynamic stretching exercises improve the level of fitness specifically it helps to improve the main component speed and agility which should be performed in set of 8-12 repetitions.

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