1857: A Question In A Paradox For The Muslims Of South Asia

Prof: Dr. Zulfaqar Ali Chughtai, Prof: Dr. Mamoona Khanam, Prof. Dr. Kiran Sami Memon


In history of the world nations attached themselves with particular events. The event of the war of independence of 1857 is one among those for the Muslims in South Asia. For the last many centuries in South Asia, the rival religious forces of Hindu and Islam are involved in power politics, except a brief dormant period of two e hundred years of English era. The power matrix of this dormant period is measurable through ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ forces amidst the creation of Pakistan. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the political gravity of 1857 through ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ factors with following hypotheses: Hypotheses: “The creation of Pakistan is a bi-product of ‘Pull’ force of War of Independence (1857).” Null hypotheses: “For the Muslims of South Asia, event of 1857 is one of a mile stone towards the political struggle, amidst the creation of Pakistan.”

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