Pakistan On The Achievement Of Sustainable Development Goals And Role Of Social Attitude In Urban Areas, Towards Climate Change And Challenges

Dr. Ameer Ali Abro, Dr. Naima Saeed, Dr. Aazdi Burfat


Heat stork caused a large number of deaths during 2015 and 2016 in country is not a single example of effects by hazardous results of climate change and challenges. United Nations gives a concept of Sustainable Development Goals with purpose of eradicating poverty, promoting prosperity in changing world. Protection of environment and natural resources is among the specific goals. Target Number 13.3 of sustainable development goal is especially related to awareness and adaption about climate change. Despite the facts it is also truth that general population is unaware regarding changes in seasonal weather patterns from climate change views. This study is directly concerned with society and their attitudes towards climate change, it very difficult to assess the human attitude especially regarding climate changes and challenges in developing countries like Pakistan where society don’t have concerns about environment and climate change. Specific objective of this study was to analyse attitudes of society towards climate changes and effects of climate change over society in urban Sindh, and Hyderabad city was selected as research universe. Furthermore, the study is based on research through qualitative approach and four focus group discussions with related stakeholders and five Indepth interviews were utilized to collect primary data. Standard techniques of qualitative data analyses were applied. Results show that majority of people living in urban areas of Hyderabad is unaware about climate change and challenges. Effects of pesticides in agricultural areas, pollution created by huge number of vehicles in city, pollution created by industrial areas of the city and nearest town Kotri and polluted water of Indus River are among major causes which affect climate. Attitude of society towards climate and environment is quite passive, even though not listed in priority. Society feels that, environment protection, climate change and challenges are matters related to Government and NGO’s. The study suggests need to initiate massive campaign for awareness about climate problems at each level.

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