Adoption Of Information And Communication Technology In Teaching/Learning Process At Secondary Schools

Dr. Muhammad Shafi Messo, Miss. Safia Khatoon Mesa


In order to appraise the adoption of information and communication technology in teaching/learning process at secondary schools, the study was carried out using 40 secondary school teachers and Principals in and around Tandojam city, district Hyderabad. The instrument was administered into 35 teachers and 5 Principals/Head Masters selected at random from the schools of the study area. Internet facility for teaching was available with only 5% teachers, 97.5% of the respondents were even unaware of this devise; 62.5% teachers indicated that internet facility is not even available at their school. It was noted that 82.5% teachers have no exposure of using ICT; 92.5% indicated lacking ICT material at the school; while 92.5% admitted that teaching/learning process becomes interesting by the use of ICT; 72.5% agreed that distant learning programs become effective by use of ICT; 87.5% agreed that the working quality of teachers and students enhances with use of ICT; and 82.5% teachers admitted that ICT makes the teachers up-to-date in their disciplines/subject knowledge. Lack of computers (87.5%), lack of computer literate teachers (82.5%), electricity problem (100%), availability of budget for purchasing computers (82.5%), lack of full facility of ICT (92.5%) were the main challenges facing ICT adoption in the secondary schools. The condition of the secondary schools is worst in regards to the use of information and communication technology in the study area compared to international schooling scenario. Concrete measures from the government are required to replace the existing/traditional methods of teaching and teachers may be well acquainted with the teaching aids related to information and communication technology. ICT may be included in the curriculum as major subject while teachers are trained at the teacher training institutions.

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