An Evaluation Of Assessment Strategies And Their Impact On The Students’ Performance In Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Akram Ansari, Allahdino Abro, Ghulam Rasool Soomro


Effective teaching learning of English is directly connected with standardized assessment strategies. The appraisal of growth and development of English learning skills is not possible with proper assessment strategies. Considering the importance of assessment strategies in the effectiveness of teaching learning of English skills, a sample of twenty six teachers and five hundred thirty five students was randomly selected from access population delimited to higher secondary schools of Hyderabad. It was found that model was fit. The values of R, R2, F and t-test were significant and assessment strategies were strongly correlated to the performance of students. However, students and teachers considered effective assessment strategies essential for the better performance of students but at the same time they showed their dissatisfaction with assessment strategies employed by teachers working in higher secondary school of Pakistan. There was no well-developed system of English assessment. The teachers neither set up and followed assessment schedule nor developed and adapted standardized tests, benchmark books/benchmark passages for the measurement of students’ actual position and progress in English. There was no use of latest technology like audio- visual aids, computers, projectors and multimedia etc. for the assessment of students’ performance. Audio-video recording and linguistic expert assistance was totally missing in most of the schools. The officers, parents and students were kept unaware of the progress of learners during the academic calendar. The study is rounded off with suggestions.

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