Street Crimes among University Students In Jamshoro

Mr. Muhammad Abdullah Avais, Mr. Aijaz Ali Wassan, Ms. Hamida Narijo


This study is unique in its perspective of Jamshoro city, as it considers both criminals and victims of street crimes. Through the convenience sampling method, 34 victims of street crimes were selected and interviewed. All the victims were students of the different universities in Jamshoro. The results indicate that all the victims belong to the young age group. It is interesting from the perspective of law and order that culprits used bikes that were unlisted or lacked license plates in their crimes. The timing of the criminal activities was critical, as 79% occurred between 2:00 pm and 7:59 pm. Furthermore, 62% of victims belonged to the University of Sindh Jamshoro. Insight into this type of misfortunate activity suggests that vehicles that are unregistered and/or lack license plates must be banned to control street crimes. There is a great need to polish the image of the police in the public eye. Furthermore, “community policing” may serve better for this purpose.

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