Dr. Rauf Parekh


The regional varieties of a language do not differ only across the borders but also within a region. These varieties differ across the ethnic and sociolinguistic boundaries as well. Urdu is a language that serves as a lingua franca in Pakistan but it does have regional varieties and they portray a unity in diversity. The Pakistani languages, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, and Pushto etc., have exerted their influence on Urdu's regional varieties and have played their role in shaping Urdu's new lexicon. This paper investigates the geographical and linguistic background  of Urdu's different dialects and regional varieties and traces the emergence of new regional varieties of Urdu. With an emphasis on the origin and development of Urdu's dialects, this research paper traces the impact of Urdu's regional varieties on the national unity. It also surveys the ways in which the other Pakistani languages have influenced the emergence of a new Urdu lexicon.

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