Comparing of Body mass index and by Sit and reach flexibility test of Tsinghua University Beijing China and University of Sindh Pakistan students



The BMI and sit and reach test are the most common assessment in health related physical fitness. Major aims were analyzed to explore the comparatively same age and gender BMI and flexibility status and dissimilarity of diverse nation’s young adults of 18-23 years gender group of Tsinghua University Beijing China (TUBC) and University of Sindh Pakistan (UOSP) male and female students. In this study we were compared the BMI and flexibility of identical age and masculinity group of two diverse nations china and Pakistan young adults students of bilateral Universities.
Method: An experimental method was used to collect the normative data of TUBC and UOSP students. All the procedures were applied by ACSM health related fitness assessment battery, gauging BMI by Quetelet procedure and sit and reach in cm and three trails were administered of 150 male and 150 female of each university students during 2013 spring semester.
Result: The mean of male TUBC and UOSP BMI (M=22.63, SD =2.99, lower than UOSP M=23.3, SD= 4.15, t= -1.64, p > 0.05 and female, M =21.22, SD =2.80, lower than UOSP M=22.22, SD= 3.41, t= -2.79, p < 0.05 significance. SRT mean of male TUBC M=9.60+ SD =5.95 UOSP M=9.14+ SD= 8.61, t= 0.54, p <0.05 and female TUBC M=11.05+ SD =5.84, UOSP M=10.87+ SD= 4.32, t= 0.30, p < 0.05.
Conclusion: The study magnitudes discovered that the selected age group 10% overweight and 5% obese of UOSP male and female students were higher than TUBC and in flexibility TUBC both gender were better than UOSP. However, the numerical information disclosed TUBC both gender students obesity and flexibility status were recovering than UOSP students. The null hypothesis rejected expressively p<0.05 significantly except male obesity ratio..

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