Information System and its implications on organizational performance: Human Resource as the key Efficiency Determinant



Information System aims to provide accessible and understandable information that is reliable and complete for the users of the system in a timely manner. Key Efficiency Determinants for Information System (IS) are classified into three major categories i.e. Human Resource (HR) such as Information System Personnel Skills & Information System Human Resource Specialty; IT Infrastructure Flexibility such as platform, network, data & applications sophistications; and Effective Relationship such as the relationship of IS unit with vendors and service providers. Amongst those human resource plays an important role as from decision makers to the operational level humans play the major role to interact with the Information Systems. It was found that most important efficiency determinant for IS is Human Resource (HR) that is responsible to operate and manage IS. Currently the commercial banks in Pakistan are investing a handsome capital for IT to make their information systems efficient as the banks can operate their processes effectively and provide the better online services to their clients. This research is based on empirical study of commercial banking sector in Pakistan, which will evaluate the Information System in the context of organizational performance for this we have taken a case study of the commercial banks operating in Sindh Pakistan. However, we have covered other determinants also in our overall research but in this paper we are emphasizing the HR as the backbone of the computer and human interaction and of the human resources available at the banking sector. The overall findings would play an important role according to the objectives of the information systems to make Information Systems working better for the organizations.

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