Scalable Video Coding: Performance Analysis and Trade-offs



With the current advancement trend in the field of computing technologies, the research and development in the area of video coding is critical. It is due to this reason that various coding techniques have been developed and different video coding standards are available in the market. A compression efficient video encoding with in-built robustness towards transmission errors is the current focus of recent advancements in video encoding technology. Different diverse video coding standards were developed in the past each with considerable progress in the evolution of video coding technologies. Currently, H.264/SVC standard is one of the attractive choice with considerable compression efficiency and support for the scalable features. This paper provides the performance analysis of the different coding techniques and scalability features of H.264/SVC standard using JSVM software. Three different types of video sequences with high, low and medium level of variations in the video contents and different dynamisms are considered. Different performance metrics such as video decoding time, bit rate and PSNR are considered while employing different types of H.264/SVC scalabilities and techniques.

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