Analysis of Multimedia Applications in WiMAX Femtocells



The recent advances in wireless access technologies has opened new opportunities for multimedia applications such as High-Definition (HD)On-Demand video. Moreover, interest and demand have raised to massive level for multimedia applications access over wireless networks. The applications such as video streaming, IPTV, Mobile TV, video calls, and peer-to-peer video sharing have brought the emergence of WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) technology. The multimedia applications are by nature delay sensitive and in our work we analyze the performance of WiMAX Femtocell backhaul and the hunt parameters that affect the Quality of Service (QoS). The deep analysis helped us discover that the size and number of Femtocells play important role in optimizing the performance and it varies with type of multimedia application being used. To have deep insight, we extensively study the performance of WiMAX Femtocells using OPNET simulator and deduce some interesting results.

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