Rigid Pavement Design Using Recycled Asphaltic Materials



Since many years a continuous increment in the cost of natural aggregates is observed throughout the world. Among the rigid and flexible pavements the Flexible frequently fail before their life span because of less strength. Although the life span of the Concrete Pavements is double, the maintenance cost is 75% less than that of the asphaltic in addition they have durability against failures. But the only drawback for the adaptation of Rigid Pavements is its initial cost. The major ingredient of both of the pavements is the Aggregate. From decays the research is being going on to reduce the initial cost of the Concrete Pavements. This Paper demonstrates the outcome of an experimental study which was conducted on Recycled Aggregates Concrete. Three different material samples such as Virgin aggregates, Extracted aggregates (EA) and replacement of fresh aggregates with 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the Reclaimed Asphaltic Pavement (RAP) were used. These were tested for compressive and tensile strengths after curing period of 7, 14 21, 28 Days and compared to the fresh material’s strength. All the samples gave good result even after curing period of 28 Days, 100% RAP had 64% of virgin material’s strength.

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