Local and federal government entities have been investing in providing mechanism and channels to the citizens for reporting issues. The advancement in telecommunication and mobile technologies has enabled them to devise several strategies in communicating with their customers. Apart from just getting the reported problem’s details, these entities are keen to provide quick response to their customers with effectiveness. The issues being reported can be categorized from critical to normal priority groups. The critical issues include reporting medical emergency, road accidents, fire disruption and natural calamities, which can cause severe damages to human lives and the nature of urgency, require one touch reporting operation. Timely intervention in these cases is highly desired and required to save lives. This study suggests an improved reporting and intervention system for the concerned entities to cope with critical issues as mentioned above and reduce the ratio of damages to human lives. Governments have severe restrictions on the intervention of civilians in such cases and it results in loss of lives till the intervention is done. The proposed system will bond the citizens and government entities as a team to cope with such scenarios in accordance to their legal requirements. The study will include an idea for the proposed system and will discuss the technological and administrative requirements of such a system. Also the study will talk about the need for collaboration between various government reporting mobile applications and their benefits for the end user. At the end the challenges in terms of technology and data management will be discussed on abstract level.

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