Factors Affecting Teachers’ Engagement And Motivation For The Integration Of Icts In Elementary Grades In Balochistan Context:

Shereen Manzoor


This work tested the influence of Teachers’ anxiety level, Teachers’ motivation, Teachers’ attitudes, Teachers’ beliefs, Teachers’ usage of ICTs, Teachers’ use of ICTs as a pedagogical tool, Technical support and peer interaction along with the teachers’ engagement in the use of ICTs. Such as, it was previously a proved phenomenon through lots of research and empirical studies across the world that ICT is integrated into teaching in parliamentary procedure to make teaching and learning process easy. Since, there are certain elements which can affect teachers’ engagement for learning in ICT classrooms so as the use of this survey is to find out the influence or relationship of the independent variables along the dependent variables. Then, as the researcher adapted a questionnaire of 50 items designed through Likert scale (1 to 5) and used the survey method for this study. Furthermore, the no of the respondents were 390 selected through nonrandom sampling and the respondents mostly belonged to district KECH Balochistan Pakistan. To conclude, it is observable that all the independent variables have effects on teachers’ engagement, but in some cases it is either positive or negative. As, the results showed that

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