Dr. Farhat Nisar, Ms. Sobia Yaqoob, Ms. Ume Farwa, Dr. Samia Wasif


Spirituality and religion has become tool of medication in different areas of life especially in treatment of mental health. Spirituality has defined as divine and unseen reality or an inner motivational force that enables a person to discover the reality of the being and doing or can be invisible interior stimulus through which people subsist. Definition of religion can be understood as a connection  between the human and the sacred. Unlike other spiritual beliefs Islamic spirituality is a part of Islamic teachings articulated in the Qur’an rather than human speculation. Therefore, the maturity of the Muslims’ spiritual life must be designed according to the teachings of Quran. The Quran gives dualistic existence of human kind, the body which is temporary and perishable and the soul which is everlasting. In Muslim culture the health and illness, hardship and comfort is in the hand of Allah and grief, problem, crises, sufferings and diseases are the test of believer from Allah. This particular research has been designed to assess the religious spirituality as healing response to the sufferings. The data was collected through Qualitative method of interview from the different people facing the sufferings in terms of the loss of any valuable relation, financial crisis, workplace pressure, family problems, social isolation, and dread disease of their own and  their loved ones. The population of study consisted of 10 selected through sampling. A qualitative analysis approach was used for data scrutiny. Findings of the research have demonstrated that, all participants emphasize on the religious aspects of spirituality. It is hoped that such type of responses and their analyses will inspire more informed practical research in Muslim nations. Alongside the findings of research provides the scope of Islamic spirituality as tool of medication to address the psychological issues as well.

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