ВикторияНикулина Victoria Nikulina, Muhammad Rashid Kamal Ansari


It is a fact that many artists have been mathematicians and many mathematicians have been artists. But while talking about Omar Khayyam who was a great mathematician, astronomer and poet it appears that neither he was an artist nor he ever painted. Buta lot of art that can rightly be termed as Khayyamic Art is created on the basis of his poetry. Several popular editions of his poetry are illustrated by great artists who tried to expose the sense of his poetry via their paintings. In most cases the paintings express the point of view the artist has about the poetry of Omar Khayyam. Artists having a Sufi approach painted in Sufi style exhibiting their views regarding eternity and cosmology, the artists having heretic approach produced marvelous romantic paintings and artists having interest in the philosophical themes created paintings exposing the same. Ahmad Imad-Ad-Din in Astronomical References in the Rabaiya’t of Omar Khayyam has studied astronomical poetry of Omar Khayyam. He selected six of Omar Khayyam’s quatrains and termed them astronomical on the basis of their theme. He then compared two translations of Omar Khayyam, one by A. Saidi a 20th century Irani-American scholar and the other by the famous 19th century scholar Edward Fitzgerald (the first American  edition). The translation of Fitzgerald was illustrated by the paintings of 19th century American-Italian artist ElihuVedder. Ahmad has commented on these paintings too. This study compares seven translations of Omar Khayyam five in English, one in Urdu and one in Russian. These translations are free translations from Persian. Translators in most cases have translated giving a flavor of their own views about the poetry of Omar Khayyam. So, all the translations appear different while translating the same quatrain. Eight quatrains of Omar Khayyam which this study terms as cosmic are selected and their translations are compared. Finally, eight paintings created by one of the authors Victoria Nikulina are introduced which illustrate the cosmic views of Omar Khayyam. These paintings utilize the mediums of Batik Art. It is expected that this study and the paintings presented will prove pioneering adding something different and new in the treasure of Khayyamic.

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