Mr. Azadar Hussain Khwaja, Mr. Bisharat Ali Lanjwani, Mrs. Farhat Naz, Mr. Ronaque Ali


It is generally observed that farsighted people are agreed that today’s world is in the grip of terrorism which is basically offshoot and caused of growing extremism which directly and inversely hits and disturbed the socio-economic-religious and political structure of most state. This situation get double where issues like terrorism, human trafficking, poverty, illiteracy, corruption socioreligious controversies, politico-economic disturbances, economic slavery/bonded labour and human rights violation, religious disharmony and problem of sustainable peace are the facet of society. The need of time is to explore the hidden truth of finding ultimate solution of harmonized world where every creed and religion enjoy the freedom of expression under one umbrella of peace and prosperity, which is “Sufism”, that has very significance to promote its social and moral values among all people to tolerate and maintain the socio economic and religious harmony for the sake of people’s prosperity. It is only way to visualize the current affairs the researcher feels that “Sufism” is the only way to counter increasing extremism in world in general and in Pakistan in particular.

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