Role of Women in Hur Movement

Zain-ul-Abdin Sodhar, Muhammad Ali Laghari, Nasrullah Kabooro


The Hur movement with its four different phases is a unique chapter against colonial rule in the world history. A movement that vindicated the love of land and fought with famous slogan of Waatan ya Kafan brings the sense of patriotism of the people of Sindh with its land religion, culture and national values. The subject paper narrates the role of Hur women and their participation in the freedom movement. Less has been done encode such novel characters. With the passage of time these glaring charters have departed to eternal unsung and in obfuscate way. This can be described as great injustice to a freedom movement which has discomfited Colonial power and at last has to evacuate this land after four years of the end of movement. HT Lambrack a British brought the account of Hur movement in negative description but it in other sense brings the viability of the movement and sense consternation for British power in Sindh. Muhammad Usman Deeplai brought event of furious fighting of valiant Hur fighters in his famous novel style narrations famously known as Sanghar. This brings viable record of Hur movement specially Male and female freedom fighters, their style of fighting and comittement to their cause. This book also reflect the depth of knowledge of their young supreme leader, his war tactics and his bravery in clear sense. This paper deeply ponders on the role of Hur women fighters and the sacrifices of Hur women for the noble cause of freedom. The movement which had four different phases but this work is limited to the role of women in the fourth phase of Hur movement fought by Seyed Sibghatullah Shah Pir Pagara famously known as Soorah Badshah in history. Chronicles are of the opinion that Hur movement could have succeeded but the mischief mongering of native feudal community and their collusion with colonial powers on the lieu of fiefs, titles and money has affected it and constrained its success.

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