Conceptualization of Reality in Roy’s The God of Small Things: A Baudrillardian Analysis

Mohsin Khan, Ghulam Mustafa Mashori


This study aims to explore the concepts of reality through Baudrillardian analysis of Ammu and Velutha, two major characters of Roy‘s (1997) The God of Small things. Important facts, events and their concepts of reality were taken as signs. These signs were analyzed in the light of Baudrillard‘s theory of simulacra, hyper-reality and the end of dialectics. The Baudrillardian analysis found that the self-image and concepts of reality of these characters is evident from the structure of the novel. These simulacra are institutionalized and nourished by the powerful ones to legitimize and perpetuate their hegemony. Ammu and Velutha‘s wrong conceptualization of reality through these simulacra stands for hyper-reality. Resultantly in spite of resenting and resisting against the injustices committed to them, they unwittingly kept serving the interests of their exploiters. This validates Baudrillard‘s idea of the end of dialectics in which there is no possibility of revolution in the society as the actions of the all opposing factions are amounting to the strengthening of the same system of exploitation. The findings conclude that for any revolution or positive change in life we must question our beliefs to see if they are simulacra and must never let simulacra set the course of our struggles. For this the development of a pragmatic mind and positive self-image is vitally important as from these sources spring the real clarity of perception and independency of actions that is so necessary for success and self-reliance in life

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