Relevance of Research Studies on the Medium of Instruction for Pakistan

Muhammad Abdullah, Ghulam Ali Buriro, Farida Panhwar


The Medium of Instruction (MOI) plays a significant role in any education system. The issue of appropriate selection of MOI has been controversial among the educationists, policy makers, teachers and parents due to multiple reasons domestic, foreign, professional or economical. This problem becomes more severe in multilingual countries like Pakistan. Multiple research studies have been conducted all over the world to find out and highlight the impact of MOI (mother tongue, the national language, official language or foreign language) on the learning performance of the students at different levels. The careful perusal of the findings of these studies clearly reflects the significance of MOI in the academic circle. The present study has been conducted to have an analytical review of these researches on MOI. The findings of sixteen research studies conducted in different areas of the world have been elaborated for the guidance of policy makers, educationists, teachers and parents in Pakistan. The findings of these research studies have been concluded collectively which reveal that the choice of MOI is influenced by double standards of the people at authoritative positions, objective oriented thoughts, professionally oriented approach as well as biased and prejudiced inclinations of the people towards languages and native speakers. A careful appraisal of the present study may guide the people towards the right decision on MOI in future.

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