Left-behind Girl Child Safety Problems in Rural China

Najam ul Hasan ABBASI, Jiang Ping, Sheeraz Ilyas Shaikh


In recent years, with the increasing number of migrant workers, the number of girls left behind in rural China has also increased sharply. Due to the lack of necessary monitoring and safe sex education, many of the girls left behind, become an object of sexual assault. Currently, the issue of safety and sex education of these left-behind Chinese rural girls has become the focus of public opinion analysis. The sexual assault cases of left behind Chinese girls show three integrating characteristics: namely diversification of sexual assault, means of sexual assault, lack of awareness about sexual assaults, which reflects a pessimistic security situation for the left-behind girls in rural China. The reasons prominently fall into three aspects: lack of impact of parenting to impart knowledge, lack of safety awareness and education efforts of the guardians, and less importance given to safety and sex education at school; through the integration of three large forces -schools, families and society-more scientific safety and sex education systems can be implemented for the left-behind rural girls, with a view to promoting the harmonious development of their physical and mental health.

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