Demotivation in ESL Class at University Level: A Study of Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshoro

Quratulain Mirza, Sahib Khatoon, Shoukat Ali Lohar


The research paper was intended to explore Pakistani University ESL learners’ perceptions about being motivated and demotivated in learning second language, especially in engineering university. It investigated the causes that affect students’ motivation in ESL class, it also examine the factors which students perceive as demotivator in learning second language. This new concept of L2 motivation is given by Dörnyei. Demotivated learner is also a motivated learner but because of certain reasons, sometimes one factor has lost his/ her pledge or interest in language learning. These reasons for losing interest can be called demotivation. This study is cross sectional in its design. I used Quantitative method. For Quantitative data, I constructed second language motivational research questionnaire to determine the factors, which might affect students’ motivation level for learning English in ESL classes at Engineering University. The sample size was 30 which were first year students age between 17-20.The data was examined using descriptive and inferential statistics in SPSS which is frequency test, independent sample T-test, item means and standard deviations.

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