Malik Haqnawaz Danish, Asma Iqbal, Noor Afroz Khuwaja


Language  disorder  is a  very  common  phenomenon  all over the world. The research  finds  out  the social reasons pertaining to language disorders in Pakistan. The  research also examines the behavior of society and family members having such kids with them who suffer from Language disorders. Language disorders have specific impacts on the personality, behavior and the nature  of  the  child. The  study  examines  how society enhances  the disability of language disorders in children. The basic psychological reasons of adults and oldies who unconsciously bring up language disorders in society are themselves not familiar to  this phenomenon. They are unaware that they themselves support socially developed  Language disorders. Researchers have focused only on socially built reasons of language  disorders in children as well as in adult. Researchers investigated the reasons why the ratio of  language disorders increases day by day. Researchers spent one month as a speech therapist in hospital along with one doctor who had experience of fifteen years in the relevant field. Researchers  observed  all the patients silently and selected 5 cases, for deep study. The  behavior  of schools, family and society is also discussed with respect to the Language disorders in  Pakistan. How various language or multi lingual face this issue and what are the basic reasons that multi  lingual  are  more  inclined to be affected by language disorders which are socially built  like excessive use of hedges and stuttering.

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