Monir Ahmed


Today the whole world is afflicted with insomnia of terror war. It was drummed up in such a way as if it was no less than another world war. The fire of this war was ignited from among the rubbles of the World Trade Tower within a limited boundary in New York. But it spread like a wildfire engulfing others within its periphery. But nobody knows with certainty who had the courage to execute it! On pure assumption the affected Americans came out with war machinery and roared  in  the  mountainous  terrains  of Afghanistan to punish those whom they considered rogues and behind the carnage. Gradually it encircled Afghan neighbour Pakistan; trapped it and forced it to reiterate it was his own war, though it was not. Ultimately Pakistanis had to bear the brunt. The Pakistani soldiers, on behalf of US, started shedding their blood in the way of killing their own brothers. There was public lament that the mercenaries were buying their blood on so cheap rate! The situation is now so alarming that Pakistan seems in the  brink  of  collapse,  and its  nuclear power may be robbed any day. Pakistan stands now in a very tight corner. Its option is very limited. Though the government has been cooperating with the mercenaries, there are forces within the country which consider it not feasible to toe the line of the war mongers. They are on the look out for an alternative, a man, not a so-called democrat, who can call a spade a spade.

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