Ziauddin Khand, Rafique Ahmed Memon


Current research shows that reading is not passive skill but rather active one in which involves both human perceptions and thought. Reading skills needs more attention from learners’ point of view and from teachers’ point of view because of their academic purpose is concerned with the use of reading skills. The learners as well as teachers both have to read and understand the prescribed reading materials of their core subjects. The purpose of this research paper is to provide a research informed basis for introducing new ways of developing  reading  skills  of  the  learners  at  Shah  Abdul    Latif University Khairpur, Sindh (Pakistan).  The  existing  method   of teaching reading is not up to the mark and does not appear to be more effective in teaching and developing reading skills in the classroom. 

The main purpose of this research paper is therefore, to create an understanding of how to make an improvement in the existing teaching reading situation by investigating some significant features of the current teaching reading process in this context and comparing this with a research informed intervention, to increase the opportunities for learners to participate actively in their learning process particularly for developing their reading skills through text-based-task activities in the classroom.

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