Impact of Urban Rural Divide on Compensation Management and Job Satisfaction on Faculty of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (Muet)

Ghulam Muheodin Kumbhar, Dr Arrabella Bhutto, Dr Tauha Hussain Ali


This paper is about pay, benefits, rewards and recognition, work challenges, job rewards, satisfaction and good working relationships with organization and employees get a sense of personal accomplishment from work placed. This research study aims to find out whether urban rural divide has effect on compensation management and job satisfaction on faculty of Mehran University of Engineering & Technology. It is established in this study, the university needs continuing employee hiring policy, work on attaining the commitment of the employees irrespective with their backgrounds, communication of information be made more frequent. Faculty members are found to be dissatisfactied with the pay, benefits and rewards, university and it is recommended that MUET need to review its pay procedure for the faculty maintain its working culture to keep the faculty satisfied.

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