An Empirical Analysis of Exports of Pulses: A Case Study Of Pakistan

Dr Samiuddin Shaikh, Dr Sanober Salman Shaikh, Dr Aisha Bashir Shah


Pakistan is an agricultural country and Pulses as being a part of its sub sectors, contributes a significant part in countries economy although its part is very little but their significance level is not limited because pulses are encountered as the most significant food item specially for poor’s and it is inexpensive source of protein as compared to other protein substitutes but throughout the world pulses are encountered as inferior diet among all other nutritional items. This study focuses on exports of pulses to explore the pulses development within country. The study is based on secondary data collected through the official documents of Bureau of Statistics, TDAP, crop reporting and many others. The trend analysis covers the period of 1995-2013 includes the charts and pie diagrams and pulses exports were measured through OLS techniques. By the trend analysis it is come to know that pulses exports showed a decreasing pattern up to 2013, however 2005-2006 proved as a boosting period in pulses exports history. Additionally, it was found that Prices of pulses effects the pulses exports negatively, per capita also affects the exports adversely; however yield, FDI, ODA and Gross savings effects the pulses exports positively.

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