Semiotic Interpersonal Metafunctions in Visual Communication

Abdul Ali, Dr Muhammad Asim Mahmood, Dr Inayatullah Kakepoto


In verbal communication, interpersonal function manifests interaction between speaker and listener, whereas in visual communication it manifests interaction between the represented participant and the viewer. This qualitative research analyses interpersonal functions in visual communication. The study employs Kress and Leeuwen’s social semiotics framework based on Hallidain Metafunctions in Systemic Functional Linguistics. The purpose of the study is to apply social semiotic framework and find out the power of represented participant and viewer’s power, imaginary social relationship and social distance between the represented participant and the viewer, during the interpersonal visual communication. The study will be highly effective in the field of visual communication, advertisers and in the visual pedagogy. The research found that the direct eye connection induces the viewer to take a long look at commodity or product being offered. The frontal angle reflects the total involvement of subject with the viewer and it will get a number of viewers for purchases. The background of the visual advertisement must be depicted with highly statured and accented colors to grab the attention of the viewers. It is also found that medium shot taken on the represented subject will be more effective for the advertisers.

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