Linking E-Marketing Practices with the Sales of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, In Karachi: A Moderating Role of Business Intelligence Gathering

Sadia Khurram, Muhammad Faisal Sultan, Dr Jamshid Ali Turi


E-Marketing is a contemporary tool associated with large corporations all over the globe. However as far as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are concerned the use of E-Marketing efforts are far and few between, and the entrepreneurs are reluctant in using these innovative technologies in order to avoid any negative impact on their business. In addition to this research uncovering usage of E-Marketing for SMEs, they are also lacking in presence, especially in the context of underdeveloped countries or least developed countries. Same is valid for Pakistan where there is least amount of research work available which can highlight the role of E-Marketing in the business development of SMEs. Thus, a research work is required to initiate learning and development activities towards this one of the most important business strategies, which SMEs must follow, in order to remain competitive. Therefore, in order to bridge this gap research model has been developed by combining research work conducted in the Western and African scenario, in order to clarify the role of E-Marketing on the sales of SMEs. Furthermore, to add validity to the research questionnaire has been adapted and non-Probability sampling has been used as per the indication of prior research work. The data analysis concludes that E-Marketing activities are significantly effective for the enhancement of sales for SMEs.

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