Analysis of Patriarchal Pressures and the Struggle of A Pakistan Woman in My Feudal Lord

Hassan Bin Zubair, Fahmida Aslam, Mashooq Ali Khowaja


This research paper explores the social class differences, issues of oppression related to Pakistani women and role of agency presented in the autobiographical text My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani. This research is qualitative in nature with textual analysis. Theoretical framework for this research is based on Deniz Kandiyoti’s theory, Pactical Bargain; which also relates the post-colonial feminism, Muslim and western feminism. This paper presents the condition of Pakistani Muslim women in the society under the influence of political pressures. It also discusses the fight to gain the basic women rights and struggle for agency. There is always a patriarchal pressure on the South Asian Women, about which Tehmina Durrani has tried to present the real condition of Muslim Pakistani women. Durrani’s autobiographical element in the text enhances its importance in the presentation of the truths and figures. This research provides the clear picture to what extent they get the agency and basic women rights for them. In this research paper, male dominance, gender inequality and high level political influence remains under scrutiny. _______

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