The Interplay of Entrepreneurial Education, Personality Traits, Opportunity and Entrepreneurial Intent: A Concept Note

Ammarah Ahmed, Dr Anjum Parvez, Dr Muhammad Bux Burdey


Entrepreneurial development, in many countries, has become a vital concern for governmental bodies and policy makers. Efforts are being made to trace those factors by which entrepreneurial intent may be triggered. Though, a plethora of studies has been conducted to find out the answer of this question, however, the indirect effects of many dispositional factors such as personality traits and opportunity recognition have not yet been conceptualized. This paper, by building on the existing body of literature, attempts to develop conceptual links among entrepreneurial education, entrepreneurial intent, personality traits and opportunity. Efforts have been made to highlight the direct and indirect relationships among the constructs (Entrepreneurial Education, Entrepreneurial Intent, personality traits and opportunity). Based on logical arguments, several propositions are proposed and a model is also proposed which could be validated by future research.

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