We Will Not Endorse It’ South Asian Fatawa on Anti-Terrorism: A Historical Account (2001-2010)

Mujeeb Ahmad


Ulama and Muftis are supposed to provide guidance to the Muslims in every sphere of life. Most of the South Asian Ulama and Muftis consistently rejected this thesis that the prevailing terrorism has any link with Islam or some Islamic Movements. However, it is generally believed that the prevailing terrorism in South Asia is being supported by some ‘ulama’ and Islamic Movements. In this paper, an attempt will be made to review the fatawa and public statements of some leading South Asian ‘ulama’ and muftis belonging to different schools of thought, religio-political parties and organizations against the prevailing terrorism. Furthermore, an attempt will also be made to explore the real roots and causes of prevailing ‘Islamic militancy’ in the South Asia.

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