Role Of Media In Ethno-Linguistic Politics: Perceptive Of Students In Sindh Province, Pakistan

Dr. Sajjad Ahmad Paracha, Dr. Badaruddin Soomro, Sajjad Ali


The aim of the current study is to explore the role of media in ethno-linguistic politics in Pakistan in the perspective of the students of University of Karachi and University of Sindh. The researchers used survey technique for the data collection. The respondents 300 were randomly selected from the total number of university students. Out of 300 respondents the number of Karachi University students in 140 and the rest of students respondent. The researcher analyzed the data through Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) (version-19) to eliminate ambiguity in the results. The results of the study show that the university students preferred newspapers over electronic media. They believed that newspapers given more freedom as compared to electronic media. It is also found that student in both universities consider ethnic issues important. The students also believe that ethnic identity is not against the ideology of Pakistan. Nevertheless, it is also argued by students that declaring Urdu language as national language could be a main cause of disintegration of Pakistan. It was believed by majority of students that promotion of Urdu as a national language has created a sense of in security among the speakers of other native languages. Most students believe that ethnic politics is useful for solution of problems. These issues have been highlighted in regional press.

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