Analysis Of Constraints Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: A Case Study Of Sindh Province

Vishnu Parmar


It is the matter of severe concern that almost 50% World’s population consist on women but majority of them still confined within home premises and generally do not have permission to work out to generate revenue for themselves or family. Even the work areas for women are categorically restricted merely few disciplines like teachers, doctors, nurses etc. They are still miles away to get recognition in several other fields like male and particularly as an entrepreneur. This study is mainly focused to evaluate the impact of four major constraints (i) Financial Constraints (FC), Cultural Constraints (CC), Marketing Constraints (MC) and Technological Constraints (TC) on the performance of Sindhi Women Entrepreneurs (SWE). This Empirical study is focused on six districts of Sindh province like Karachi, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana, Mirpurkhas and Sanghar. The Hypothesis are tested by Multiple Regression Analysis to evaluate the significance level of constraints on the Performance of SWE. The findings of this study are very interesting as some presumed constraints like joint family system is out righted rejected by the women entrepreneurs. Further there is visible difference between the rural and urban women entrepreneurs as Sindhi Women Entrepreneurs of rural areas are facing severe cultural constraints while urban SWE are facing more constraints in Marketing of their products. Technology has equally severe constraints for both rural and urban SWE. The application of this study is very wide and has positive impact on the economic growth of every country.

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